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Fried Chicken


Posted: 18/05/2024

Fun story about starting food for dudes. I had very limited experience with burgers. Sure, I had worked at Maccas....

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Monique Booth

Remarkable Mothers, Women & Cricketers

Posted: 15/05/2024

Having heard about some remarkable mums and other remarkable women, let me introduce moniqe booth to you! ....

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El Chapos

Creamy: The Man, The Myth, The Tassie Legend in Art

Posted: 10/04/2024

Having discussed El Chapo's, I wanted to showcase the artist who spray-painted it! It's pretty well-known that my artistic talent is virtually nonexistent....

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El Chapos

El Chapos!

Posted: 03/04/2024

Ever wondered why we are called "food for dudes (and dudettes)"? It's a funny name, sure, but it perfectly captures my love...

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A well earnerd break

Time to take a moment.

Posted: 20/03/2024

midst the hustle of work and parenting, an opportunity presented itself for my partner, Bec, and me—a night off with a babysitter booked. With our found fleeting of freedom, we...

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ben with ranch image

Burger junkie made us do better!

Posted: 14/03/2024

Today, I'm excited to share my ranch dressing recipe with you! While it feels conflicting to unveil this simple and delicious creation, I can't stand idly....

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Blog 5 Smokey Joes

Thank you, Jon

Posted: 06/03/2024

The early influences on chefs often go unnoticed. At 15, after landing a job at McDonald's, a celebratory dinner at Smokey Joe's Creole....

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Blog 4

The Legends - Lanky Laneway

Posted: 29/02/2024

In the blur of October 2019, amidst a cool team of juniors at Dudes, one standout member was part of the up-and....

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Blog 3


Posted: 22/02/2024

In the fast-food game, you need recipes that are fast, foolproof, and scalable. Today, I'm sharing our pulled pork recipe with you....

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Blog 2

Nightclubs? Not for us...

Posted: 16/02/2024

I pulled up in the middle of the road, squinting down the alleyway toward Club 54. The assigned space was tight and in the midst of the day...

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Blog 1

How it all started...

Posted: 09/02/2024

October 16th, 2016, etched itself into memory as the launch of Food for Dudes (and Dudettes), marking my initiation into the unpredictable world of food vans...

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