Bliss N Eso club 54 event

Nightclubs? Not for us...

Posted: 16/02/2024

I pulled up in the middle of the road, squinting down the alleyway toward Club 54. The assigned space was tight, and in the midst of the day, curious eyes watched from every direction. Holding up both lanes of traffic, sweat beaded down my forehead. Few things make a man more nervous than having his skills questioned.

With hazard lights blinking, my spotter disembarked, and I eased into reverse gear. For the uninitiated, maneuvering a trailer meant the car moved opposite to the trailer's direction. With my sizable trailer, all I could see were the sides; the rest was guided by feel.

Miraculously, my prayers were answered. First attempt, and I seamlessly parked. The crowd's scrutiny, though likely unaware of the feat, added an extra layer of pressure.

We set up, anxiously awaiting the crowds to discover our offerings. Surprisingly, our best seller for the night was bottles of water, serving as a lifeline while we waited in anticipation.

Basking in the warmth radiating from the fryer, the back door of the club swung open, revealing a familiar face – a man I'd never met. Ordering food in his distinctive American accent, he introduced himself as Johnathon, better known by his stage name "Bliss." Engaging in conversation, he promised us a photo after the show. Regrettably, that turned out to be the last glimpse of him for the night, as he and his crew piled into a bus and departed.

After the cleanup and pack-down, I found myself $600 richer, though swiftly realizing it would cover onlny the night's expenses and the staff I had hired. Was it worth it? Absolutely! But as I counted my earnings, a solemn vow resonated – never again would I venture into the unpredictable terrain of catering to the nightclub market