Lanky Lane

The Legends - Lanky Laneway

Posted: 29/02/2024

In the blur of October 2019, amidst a cool team of juniors at Dudes, one standout member was part of the up-and-coming rock band, Lanky Laneway. Feeling adventurous, I decided to invite the band to play, not anticipating the whirlwind that would ensue.

Dudes was thriving, with our newly launched online ordering adding to the excitement. Armed with a buy-one-get-one-free offer and the rocking tunes of Lanky Laneway, we were ready for an unforgettable day.

FLanky Lane

Little did I realize the chaos that awaited – 500 plus people flooding in, staff calling in sick, and the decibel level of the band drowning out any attempt to place or pick up an order. Sweat dripped as I nervously awaited the police to shut us down, fearing repercussions for the mass gathering I had inadvertently orchestrated.

Surprisingly, the real heroes emerged – the staff who had come to watch the band decided to work instead, turning a potential disaster into a showcase of teamwork.

Even in the days that followed, I half-expected a visit from the police or council, but none came. After that night, I figured it was for the best if I keep music to a neighbourly level.

Lanky Lane @ FFD