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Posted: 22/02/2024

In the fast-food game, you need recipes that are fast, foolproof, and scalable. Today, I'm sharing our pulled pork recipe with you.

My favorite cut is pork shoulder, and for the best quality, head to a trusted butcher like Swift in Longford. Supermarket pork may seem cheaper, but you'll lose 20-35% of the weight trimming it.

I prefer making this in a cast iron pot with a lid, but a slow cooker works just as well.


  • 1 (~2.2kg) pork shoulder
  • 100g brown sugar
  • 20g salt
  • 10g pepper
  • 400ml BBQ sauce (Masterfoods is fine)
  • 100ml water
  • 100ml apple cider vinegar
  • 100ml Worcestershire
  • 6g cayenne pepper
  • 10g mustard powder
  • 3 sliced onions


  1. Trim any skin, excess fat, bone, cartilage, or glands from the pork.

  2. Cut pork into large chunks and place them in a suitable pot.

  3. Add all ingredients and mix.

  4. Place in the oven at 140°C for approximately 3 hours. Keep the lid on but not completely shut. The pork is ready when it falls apart easily with a fork (you can cook longer at lower temperatures, around 90°C for 7-8 hours).

  5. Gently shred the cooked pork with a fork into long fibers. Check the seasoning and add a pinch of salt if needed.

  6. Enjoy your sweet BBQ pulled pork, juicy and tasty with a subtle kick from the cayenne.

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slow cooked pulled pork