Remarkable Mothers, Women & Cricketers

Posted: 15/05/2024

Having heard about some remarkable mums and other remarkable women, let me introduce moniqe booth to you!

Yet another remarkable woman who is going on to play nationals in the first Tasmanian womans indoor cricket team in the 25 years.

I asked Monique what this means for her.

"For me, this opportunity means a lot as it allows me to showcase my skills and represent my state on a national level. It also serves as a platform to inspire other young women in Tasmania to pursue their passion for cricket. Additionally, being part of the first female team in 25 years holds special significance as it signifies a positive shift towards promoting gender equality in the sport".

Unfortunately, oppurtunities cost money. While we are sponsoring monique to achieve her dreams, there is only so much we can do.

Monique has set up a go fund me to help pay for the costs to represent Tasmania.

Monique booth