Time to take a moment

Posted: 20/03/2024

Amidst the hustle of work and parenting, an opportunity presented itself for my partner, Bec, and me—a night off with a babysitter booked. With our found fleeting of freedom, we decided in a long-overdue dinner at Boatyard.

As we dressed for the occasion, Bec effortlessly selected an outfit, while I chuckled at my perpetual attire of work clothes. We made our way to Boatyard, where there's an abundance of parking. Upon arrival, a genial man greeted us warmly, his demeanor suggesting he might be an owners. The interior was quite charming, with views of the adjacent boatyard and the Tamar river.

Seated at our table in a cosy corner, we checked out the menu, which boasted an array of options like beef, pork chicken, vego and seafood. Opting for a mix of seafood and starters, I selected the sashimi and ceviche, while Bec opted for the croquettes. The sashimi earned a a resounding 10/10. Absolutely beautifully done. We also ordered kilpatrick oysters! - sorry oyster purists.

For the main course, I enjoyed the perfectly cooked mussels, while Bec ate paella which she really enjoyed also. As for dessert, there's unfortunately a limit to how much I can eat!

Throughout our dining experience, the attentive service complemented the exceptional food, leaving us thoroughly impressed. Reflecting on the evening, I couldn't help but contemplate how we need to support local businesses like Boatyard especially with the state of our hospitality industry.

Here's a link to their menu: Boatyard Launceston Menu

What other gems have you found in Launceston?

ben and bec having a break