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How the adventure started...

Posted: 09/02/2024

October 16th, 2016, etched itself into memory as the launch of Food for Dudes (and Dudettes), marking my initiation into the unpredictable world of food vans.

Months earlier, I reveled in the dream of dual full-time jobs, navigating Aromas with the greatest bosses imaginable. However, the dream waned after enduring 80-90 hour workweeks without respite. A moment of clarity struck when someone asked, "Why work for others? Why not get a food van on High Street?"

And just like that, an idea was born.

A hopeful visit to the bank for a business loan ended in rejection. Thankfully, a caravan loan offered a lifeline. An old food van in Huonville became my new project. Little did I know that its registration in one council didn't equate to compliance with food standards – my first expensive lesson in due diligence.

Weeks of renovation ensued, tradesmen tackling the electrical, gas, exhaust system, stainless steel work, and plumbing. Each step carried its price, a testament to the importance of always seeking quotes – my second expensive lesson in due diligence.

Blog 1

With equipment purchased, stocks replenished, and a $50k hole punched in my pocket, I was ready. Pulling up on High Street, I caught the other vendors by surprise.

The night unfolded in a symphony of sizzling pans, laughter, and the aromatic blend of diverse cuisines, creating an awkward success that lingered long after the last customer departed.

Amidst the chaos, my excitement danced with nerves, forming a whirlwind of emotions. Counting the cash later – yes, cash was a thing back then – revealed $600. It was a staggering amount, yet the question loomed: was it worth the $50k investment for a $600 turnover?

The answer, in that moment of euphoria, remained elusive. The journey had just begun, and the lessons learned in due diligence echoed, shaping my approach in the labyrinthine world of food vans.